10 Best Sandals For Women With High Arches

10 Best Sandals For Women With High Arches

Sandals are a preferable choice of many women for their versatility and comfort. Sandals pair well with diverse styles of clothing, ranging from activewear to casual dresses, depending on its construction and design. But having a high foot arch can sometimes be a hindrance between you and your perfect pair of sandals. One has to … Read more

10 Best Zip Off Hiking Pants For Women

nylon hiking pants for women

It’s an indisputable fact that the gears you wear are the first and foremost thing hikers must consider before hitting off the trails. Similarly, a suitable hiking pant that serves hikers’ needs is a thing that can’t be considered less important. There is a reason why we buy pants specialized for hikers while setting our … Read more

10 Best Nylon Hiking Pants For Women

Marmot Women’s Lobo’s Convertible Pant

We can’t agree less on the fact that a suitable pair of hiking pants or trousers are one of the basic and preliminary gear hikers ought to take care of before setting their journey on the trails. Anything you wear or carry determines the ease and the fun you’ll have in your hiking journey. You … Read more


Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

We can never shed enough light on the benefits of a hike. Hiking is great for both physical and mental health. It lightens the mind and provides your mind a tranquil state, adds a little spark of adventure to the mundane lifestyle and benefits your physical health as a fun source of exercise. Not only … Read more

10 Best Hiking Shoes For Men With Diabetes

New Balance Men’s 481V3 Trail Running Shoe

There might be hundreds of reasons people enjoy hiking, and the primary reason is that hiking provides some adrenaline and mental tranquility to our mundane lifestyle. Shedding some drops of sweat amongst nature not only is good for your physical health but also for mental health. Well, hiking can seem like an unattainable project if … Read more

10 Best Hiking Sandals For Men With Flat Feet

Teva Men’s Minam Sandal

If you have been planning a hike for summer days, you must be aware of how sweaty your feet can get on those hot humid days. So, the scorching heat of summer hikes calls for a good pair of hiking sandals, which not only lets your feet perspire freely but also lets you walk uphill … Read more

10 Best Hiking Sandals For Women With Flat Feet

ECCO Womens Yucatan Outdoor Hiking Sandal

Hiking sandals are great for swapping against hiking boots for trail lovers during summer, not only because it lets your feet breathe cool breeze but also it looks aesthetically pleasing. A right pair of hiking sandals not only acts as your companion on the hills and streams but also works and looks fine on your … Read more

10 Best Ultra Light Sleeping Bags

Hyke and Byke Quandary 15°F Ultralight 650fp Down Sleeping Bag

All of us adventure junkies are aware of the values a sleeping bag holds when hiking or camping in any part of the world. Sleeping bags are one of the most important and essential gear any hiker must carry during their outdoor expedition. So, before making the purchase of any hiking gear, including sleeping bag, … Read more

10 Best Hiking Boots With Red Laces For Women

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Boots-

There are many factors ones consider while purchasing hiking boots. The primary things taken into consideration include fit, comfort, and durability. But the aesthetics of the shoes also have a lot to do for some people. The classic hiking boots with red laces are not just a fad. They have been prevailing and dominating the … Read more

10 Best Headlamps Under $100

Luxolite LED Headlamp Flashlight with Red Led

All of us hikers and adventure lovers know the importance of headlamps during any outdoor activities. As headlamp offers the allowance to both of our hands to move and navigate freely, it becomes one of the most useful gears any adventure junkie can possess. Be it hiking, camping, cycling, or any other outdoor activities, those … Read more