10 Best Hiking Backpacks For Kids

So your little ones want to join you on your hiking adventure?

Carrying a suitable and comfortable backpack is equally important to kids as it is to adults. Though kids can’t carry all the hiking essentials like tents, first aid kits, sufficient foods etc, but their backpack must have enough room to hold their mini hiking kit which may include their spare clothes, favorite toys, some food materials etc.

While investing on kid’s hiking backpack, few things should be considered. These may not seem major problem but if considered while selecting appropriate backpacks; it aids to make your kids hiking experience more joyous.

A comfortable backpack with light weight and comfortable straps is must. Make sure the backpack supports equal distribution of weight.

Things to consider while buying hiking backpack for kids

1. The backpack must match the length of kids’ torso

Backpacks way too high and way too saggy on the back should be avoided. The saggy one tends to pull your body downwards making it heavier whereas the high ones may cause strain on the muscles. This nearly spoils the hiking journey of kids.  Bigger is not always better especially when choosing backpack for kids, so choose backpack according to the height and age group of your kid.

The backpack should match the height of your kids’ torso. This aids in equal distribution of backpack’s load over the body.

2. Comfort and proper ventilation

It is very essential that the backpack provides proper ventilation. The kid’s body may get overheated if the backpack doesn’t have proper ventilation.

Well padded adjustable straps and shoulder area adds a lot of comfort. Likewise backpack with chest and waist straps add more ease to the backpack.

So invest on a comfortable backpack which makes the adventure a good one.

3. Easy access pocket

Having easy access pockets makes a lot of difference on the level of ease while hiking. Your kinds won’t have to fish out for products they want to take out. Having easy access pockets makes the job lot easier and makes the hiking kit of your kids lot more organized.

A backpack must also have external water bottle pouch. This may not seem much difference but makes a lot of difference while hiking.

Considering the comfort, construction and durability I have listed 10 best hiking backpacks for kids.

  • X-sports Decathlon QUECHUA
  • Sunhiker Cycling Hiking backpack
  • Snowhale hiking camping mini backpack
  • Deuter Schmusebar
  • ZippyRooz Toddler and little kids hiking backpack
  • Deuter Junior
  • Deuter Kikki
  • Osprey youth jet
  • Benteng Classic water resistant backpack
  • Deuter kids Fox 40

10. X-sports Decathlon Quechua

x sports decathlon quechua for kids

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It’s important that a kids hiking backpack be light enough so that they don’t have to carry extra weight along with their hiking kit.

X-sports Decathlon Quechua is light weight hiking backpack and very appropriate for kids. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps which fit the kids snugly.

It is made of water and tear resistant nylon material making it ideal to carry for hiking for kids. But it supports limited weight; heavy weight may not be suitable for this backpack. But it doesn’t seem to be major problem since kids don’t carry heavy weights.

It has 10L capacity, giving it enough room to fit hiking essential of your kids.

It has two main compartments but doesn’t have mesh pouch on outside so the carrier may have to carry water bottles with screw on lids which doesn’t leak.

Even though it is advertised to be for adults too, but it’s best appropriate for kids only.

Features I like:

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and snug fitting
  • Inexpensive
  • Slightly padded shoulders

9. Sunhiker cycling hiking backpack

sunhiker kid hiking backpack

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SUNHIKER CYCLING HIKING is another great backpack that your kids will love as their hiking partner.

It is very light weighing around 0.7 pounds. It is very comfortable as it comes with breathable mesh shoulder straps which provide proper ventilation during hot days. These straps are adjustable so it fits kids and petite adults too.

This backpack is water repellant and tear resistant. It is made of highly tear resistant fabric so it increases the durability of the product.

This backpack also has volume control system and provides sufficient space for your kids hiking stuffs.

Features I like:

  • Light weight
  • Even weight distribution
  • Inside pouch
  • Outer pouch with straps
  • Mesh backing
  • Water repellant
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Comes with mat reflective stripe

8. Snowhale hiking camping mini backpack

snowhale hiking backpack

Note: Currently not available (Update 31 March 2018) Alternative option Snowhale hiking and cycling backpack

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If your kids prefer simple and classic backpack, SNOWHALE HIKING CAMPING MINI BACKPACK seems to be the appropriate choice.

This backpack ensures high abrasion and high tear resistance.

It is light weight weighing 8.6 oz.

It comes with shoulder straps which are perforated providing proper ventilation. The straps are adjustable to fit kids of different height range.

It has two main compartments to fit the necessities for hiking. It also has bottle holder pouch on the outside. But sometimes the kids may find the opening zipper clumsy.

Features I like:

  • Good amount of space
  • Two interior pockets as well
  • Bottle holder on outside
  • Well made
  • Provides ventilation
  • High abrasion and tear resistant
  • Light weight
  • Simple and classic design

7. Deuter Schmusebar

deuter schmuse bar kid hiking backpack

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DEUTER SCHMUSEBAR is other pretty and perfect hiking backpacks for kids. It is perfect for kids of age 3 and above.

It comes in bright colour that kids will love and parents can easily spot their children from distance. Another feature which makes this backpack a winner is the teddy bear that comes along which the kids will love.

This backpack is padded with S-shaped shoulder straps with soft edges which are fully adjustable. It also has chest strap which helps little ones carry more of their favorite materials comfortably.

It has spacious main compartment and a zipped front pocket.

It weighs 10 oz and is made of Super-Polytex.

Features I like:

  • Padded back
  • Water resistance
  • Chest strap
  • Very roomy; provides enough space
  • Comfortable and well made
  • Can be adjusted snug and high
  • Lovely design for kids

6.Zippyrooz Toodler and little kids small hiking backpack

zippyrooz toddler little kids hiking backpack

ZIPPYROOZ backpack is gem for the little kids wanting to join their parents in the hiking adventure.

It has padded back with airflow to keep the little ones comfortable and cool during hiking. It also has chest straps making it easier to carry.

It has large compartment which fits sweaters, snacks and other necessities. It also comes with mesh side pockets for small water bottles.

The whistle at the chest clasp is interesting and functional as it comes handy to alert everyone about what the little ones has to say.

It also has compartment for hydration system, with a mesh inner pocket for water bladder and a hole at the top.

You may find it bit difficult as the zipper zips all the way down which makes the materials inside easy to fall.

Features I like:

  • Suitable for toddlers
  • Lightweight
  • Built in whistle
  • Compartment for hydration bladder
  • Deep large pockets
  • Chest straps
  • Bright colors
  • Double zipper
  • Bungee on outside
  • Durable
  • Side pockets

5. Deuter Junior

deutre junior hiking backpack

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The DEUTER JUNIOR is another great backpack as it has ample amount of space which is sufficient for kids hiking essentials.

It is designed for comfort with adjustable S-shaped soft-edge shoulder straps which reduces neck strain. It also has chest straps which help kid manage the load of backpack.

Deuter’s airstrip System is secure and snug offering effective ventilation even when the load is kept close to the body.

It also comes with 2 mesh side pockets and 2 front zip pockets and holds the capacity of 18 L.

Deuter junior is lightweight and durable, made of polytex and microrip nylon.

Features I like:

  • Durable and stylist
  • Comes with chest buckle
  • Enough pockets to keep little things
  • Deep side pocket and big main compartment
  • High Quality material
  • Waterproof coating
  • Has kid-friendly buckles and easy-to-use compression straps
  • Provides high ventilation

4. Deuter Kiki

deuter kikki hiking backpack for kid

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DEUTER KIKI is an eco-friendly and fun kid’s backpack. It is made from eco-friendly fabric and is a good investment for little kids.

This kiki pack is beautifully designed made to look like a wide eyed bird which comes in fun and bright colors which the children will love. These bright colours also make parents easier to spot their kids from distance.

This bag can has capacity of 6L which may not be suitable for bigger kids but is ideal for kids around 3. It is made of lightweight and durable Super-Polytex weighing around 12 oz.

This backpack is soft and comfortable having padded shoulder straps which are fully adjustable. It also has a chest straps which helps little ones carry loads more comfortably.

It comes with velcro closure side pockets which are perfect to store small treasure of your small ones.

Features I like:

  • Very well made and durable
  • Has name label on inside
  • Cute design
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with two external hook and loop tape pockets
  • Waterproof coating
  • Supports equal weight distribution
  • Adjustable straps
  • Made from eco-friendly fabric

3. Osprey Youth Jet 12

osprey youth jet hiking backpack

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OSPREY YOUTH JET 12 is another good backpack that provides trail dedicated features and function in a youth sized pack. It is made of nylon which makes it durable, tough and flexible at the same time.

This jet pack provides sufficient room for kids gear. The panel load access provides easy way to load and unload gear. It also has small external pocket which keeps gear organized and accessible for your little ones. The expandable front stash pocket comes in handy to stash extra layers.

It also has external reservoir sleeve which provides an easy way to access a reservoir whether the pack is full or empty. It has one interior zip pocket.

Features I like:

  • Has suspension system
  • Has waist and sternum strap
  • Is secure and stable
  • Enough room for kids gear
  • Has packet for water bladder
  • Sturdy and well made
  • Super comfortable
  • Fits well

2. Benteng classic water-resistant backpack

benteng classic water resistant h hiking backpack for kids

Benteng classic is one of the best backpack I came across.

Most interesting and alluring feature is that it ensures lifetime warranty. Made of 100% premium quality Polyester it has classic design which makes it suitable for hiking as well as school purpose for kids.

This backpack lessens the impact of load with its dual adjustable and fully padded straps. It makes the hiking experience of kids less painful and more joyous.

This backpack is roomy and has space for all the essential hiking gear of kids. It has numerous pockets which allow organizing all the materials.

Built with quality polyester fabric, this backpack is both ruggedly durable and lightweight. Highly resilient polyester keeps its shape as well as resist to shrinking or stretching.

Features I like:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Super light weight
  • Sturdy quality
  • Has padding in back
  • Water resistant
  • YKK zippers which doesn’t break even after heavy use
  • Classic design
  • Dual adjustable and fully padded straps
  • High quality materials

1. Deuter kids Fox 40

deuter fox 40 hiking backpack

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The Deuter kids’ fox 40 is fitted with thoughtful details and features adapted from grown-up trekking packs so it is more than ready to hit the trail for any adventure. Plus, the VariQuick adjustable carrying system grows with your kids so it’ll last for years and years.

This backpack provides aircomfort with its fully ventilated back system so the kids won’t have any complains about sweaty back. This backpack is also very durable.

This backpack is very roomy, has a lot of space where kids can fit a lot of hiking materials.

It is light weight weighing 3.04 pounds and has capacity of 40 ltrs.

Features I like:

  • Water resistance
  • Has lot of space
  • Convenient opening at the bottom
  • Can be opened from both sides
  • Convenient pocket placements
  • Has lots of external straps to attach larger items
  • Impressive fit and adjustability
  • Well made


While choosing the right backpack for kids, we must consider the comfort, height and age of the kid. Backpack which provides maximum comfort, access and fit is the right backpack to invest on. Out of the above listed backpacks, Deuter Kids fox 40 would be the best pick for bigger kids.

The Deuter Kids fox 40 provides enough space for hiking essentials of your kids. It provides maximum comfort with its ventilation system and padded straps. It is made of high quality fabric which makes it durable too.

Whereas, for smaller kids, Zippyrooz toddler and little kids hiking backpack is the most preferred one as it provides all the components a hiking backpack ought to have in mini version for your mini adventurers.


Remember that while investing on backpack for kids, the backpack must fit the kid’s body snugly. Chest straps and hip straps help in maintaining the fit of the backpack. The backpack should not hang below the hips level pulling the whole body weight downwards or rest way high on the back causing strain to the muscles. The weight of the backpack should rest majorly on hip.

Also check the material and fabric of which the backpack is made of. Invest on a backpack made of sturdy and durable fabric and trimmings.

The size and capacity of the backpack also matters a lot. Kids don’t have to accumulate much hiking supplies compared to adults. Also, the kids can’t carry much stuff. So don’t go overboard in the size of backpack. Just invest on the backpack with sufficient holding capacity.

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