10 Best Day Backpacks For Hiking


So you are planning to spend a day hiking on the terrains or woods or outskirts? Not all backpacks serve the same functions. There are different types and brands of backpacks which are meant for various activities like a day hike, climbing, trail running, and overnight backpacking. While selecting a daypack for hiking, consider all … Read more

10 Best Sleeping Bags Under $100

TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

We must all be aware of the fact that each gear we carry while hiking plays a crucial role during our hiking journey. So packing and selecting your gear efficiently and smartly always maximizes the level of fun in your hike. Sleeping bags is one of the most important hiking gears which can either ruin … Read more

10 Best Trekking Insurance That Covers Above 4000m

World Nomad insurance for mountain above 5000 meter

Life is an oblivious journey, and we never know what our fate awaits. But this doesn’t mean we should stop living our life to fullest. In this expedition of living life to fullest and quenching your passion, you have to make smart decisions. So it is always a wise decision to have your travel insured … Read more

10 Best Hiking Shoes For Men With Flat Feet

Timberland white ledge men's waterproof boot

Hiking is fun and exhilarating at the same time, only if you have proper hiking gear. Hiking requires careful preparation before starting off, proper selection of shoes being one. Feet, most of the time, is one of the most underrated part of our body which does most of the labor of our body. We spend … Read more

10 Best Ultra Light Hiking Poles For Trekking

black diamond hiking poles

Every gear we carry may impact our hike in a negative or a positive way. You may not notice it but there are scientific explanations to every gear on why to carry that specific product. You wants to be able to walk the long trails with less fatigue and pain. So, it’s very important that … Read more

10 Best Hiking Shoes For Women With Flat Feet


We tend to ignore this fact sometimes but shoes are one of the most important hiking essential which has to be take care of. Feet require most protection and comfort while hiking because it’s the feet which has to endure enormous amount of stress lifting your body weight. They say, ‘Good shoes take you to … Read more

10 Best Hiking Backpacks For Kids

deuter fox 40 hiking backpack

So your little ones want to join you on your hiking adventure? Carrying a suitable and comfortable backpack is equally important to kids as it is to adults. Though kids can’t carry all the hiking essentials like tents, first aid kits, sufficient foods etc, but their backpack must have enough room to hold their mini … Read more