10 Best Ultra Light Sleeping Bags

All of us adventure junkies are aware of the values a sleeping bag holds when hiking or camping in any part of the world.

Sleeping bags are one of the most important and essential gear any hiker must carry during their outdoor expedition.

So, before making the purchase of any hiking gear, including sleeping bag, we have to be aware that money we spend becomes an investment.

Investing in the right sleeping bag which checks all the prerequisites of your expedition is essential.

There are certain factors which you should be mindful of before investing in a sleeping bag.

First thing is to be aware of the location you will be traveling to, and the kind of sleeping bag you will be needing in that kind of environment and temperature.

Here, I have tried to list a few, but essential, things one must consider before choosing the right sleeping bag.

Temperature Rating:

Always keep track of the temperature rating of the sleeping bag so that you won’t have to spend the night outdoors shivering.

It is best to look for a sleeping bag which is tested according to EN Standards and are marked EN13537.

This ensures that the sleeping bag has undergone a ‘thermal manikin’ and assures insulation up to the temperature mentioned.

There are 4 standard temperature ratings, upper limit, comfort, lover limit, and extreme.

Shape and construction:

Sleeping bags are normally available in two shapes, mummy-shaped and quilt-shaped.

Mummy bags are cocoon shaped sleeping bags with an added head wrap that provides maximum insulation and restricts the heat from escaping.

Whereas, quilt bags are big insulated blanket shaped bags without zippers or closures which generally allows more movement.

Fill type and Fill power:

Sleeping bags normally have two types of fill- down and synthetic.

Down fill is lighter and warmer than synthetic fill and also packs smaller than synthetic ones. Down fill aids in making sleeping bag ultralight.

Likewise, fill-power is a measurement of the density of down fill and is responsible for the overall warmth of the sleeping bag. Higher the fill power, higher is the warmth-to-weight ratio.


The weight of the sleeping bag is also a considerable factor because nobody wants to carry extra and avoidable weight on the long hiking or trekking journey.

So make sure to check the weight of the sleeping bag you are about to purchase because lighter the bag, handier it gets. So investing in the ultralight bag which checks all other qualities would be a wise decision to make.

Considering the above-mentioned points, I have tried to list 10 best available sleeping bags which are ultralight, mummy-shape, has down-fill and has a temperature rating up to 20°F.:

  •    Kelty Unisex Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag
  •    Sea to Summit Ascent Down Sleeping Bag
  •    Mountain Equipment FIREFLASH Sleeping Bag
  •    Hyke and Byke Quandary 15°F Ultralight 650fp Down Sleeping Bag
  •    Outdoor Vitals Summit 0°F Sleeping Bag
  •    Western MountaineeringAlpinlite 20
  •    Western Mountaineering Ultralite
  •    Big Agnes Hitchens UL 20
  •    Therma-Rest Hyperion 20
  •    Western Mountaineering Ultralite

10. Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag by Kelty

Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag by Kelty

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Cosmic 20 by Kelty is a preferable option to consider when you are looking for a mummy shaped ultralight sleeping which provides adequate warmth even in the chilliest weather.

Kelty Unisex Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag has environmental and health friendly PFC-free DWR with 600 fill Down. The outer lining fabric of this bag is made from soft yet durable 20D Nylon taffeta shell.

The 50D taffeta inner lining of Kelty Unisex Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag aids in adding coziness and comfort because of its softness.

With the temperature rating of 20° F, Kelty Unisex Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag weighs around 2 lbs 3 oz. This sleeping is available in three different size options which include- short, regular, and long.

Features I like:

  •    Great quality
  •    Durable
  •    Budget-friendly
  •    Comfortable

9 . Sea to Summit Ascent Down Sleeping BagSea to Summit Ascent Down Sleeping Bag

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The Ascent sleeping bag from Sea to Summit is one of the most favorable options for adventurers. Warm, comfortable, and adaptable, this sleeping bag offers a perfect backpacking balance of comfort and weight.

Made of Super-light 20D Nylon outer layer as well as the lining layer, this mummy shaped sleeping bag has tapered rectangular shape providing a great balance of space and warmth. Seat to Summit Ascent Down Sleeping bag has RDS 750+ Loft ultra dry Duck Down which provides superior insulating power and keeps you warm up to the temperature of 0° F.

This sleeping bag from Sea to Summit has vertical chest baffles and an oversized draft tube with anti-snag materials. Additionally, the oversized neck draft tube of this sleeping bag with dual adjustment system cinches the wearer and maximizes the warmth. This sleeping bag also comes with Ultra-Sil compression bag for compact storage.

Features I like:

  •    Excellent thermal insulation
  •    Great for low temperature
  •    Good Fit
  •    Internal storage pocket
  •    Generously sized hood

8 . Mountain Equipment FIREFLASH Sleeping BagMountain Equipment FIREFLASH Sleeping Bag

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Fireflash by Mountain Equipment is one of the lightest yet warmest sleeping bag which is perfect for going fast and light in the snowy mountains.

With an extreme temperature rating of -15° F and the fill weighs as light as 23 ounces, Mountain Equipment Fireflash is an ideal choice of mummy shaped bag for hikers and adventurers.

This sleeping bag from Mountain Equipment has Plasma 10D outer shell aiding to make this bag ultra-light and exceptionally breathable.

This fabric also has exceptional tear resistance. Additionally, this bag has 650g of 90-10 Russian Goose Down with a minimum fill power of 800.

This sleeping bag utilizes slanted box-baffles throughout the entire main body. Furthermore, the inside of the bag has a significantly lighter collar baffle which allows a higher concentration of down to be restricted within the main body of the bag.

Features I Like:

  •    Neck Baffle
  •    Very Lightweight
  •    Good Fit

7. Hyke and Byke Quandary 15°F Ultralight 650fp Down Sleeping Bag

Hyke and Byke Quandary 15°F Ultralight 650fp Down Sleeping Bag

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Quandary 15° F Sleeping bag from Hyke and Byke is a premium quality ultralight mummy shaped sleeping bag which is light-weight, compressible and reasonably priced.

This professionally designed sleeping bag is best suited for hiking, backpacking, and camping and has a great weight-to-warmth ratio.

Made from hydrophobic quality duck down filling, Hyke and Byke Quandary 15°F Ultralight 650fp Down Sleeping Bag provides great insulation and warmth up to the extreme temperature of 15 degrees F.

Weighing below 3 lbs, this sleeping bag is known to have long-lasting durability. Hyke and Byke Quandary 15°F Ultralight 650fp Down Sleeping Bag comes with top of the line 400T Rip-Stop Nylon fabric and heavy duty YKK anti-snag zippers.

The horizontally designed baffles aid in retaining heat evenly whereas, the 90/10 650 fill power premium quality hydrophobic duck down with an Allied LofTech base ensures durability and moisture resistance.

Features I Like:

  •    Durable
  •    Adequately warm

6. Outdoor Vitals Summit 0°F Sleeping Bag

Outdoor Vitals Summit 0°F Sleeping Bag-

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This model of a Sleeping bag from outdoor vitals is one of the popular choices of adventure junkies, mainly because of its comfort, relaxed fit, and lightweight. Made of 800+ Fill power water repellent down, this mummy-shaped Outdoor Vitals Summit 0°F Sleeping Bag utilizes premium quality material and is also not very heavy on the budget.

Performing well even up to the temperature of 0°F, this Summit model from Outdoor Vitals has baffled grids which maximize the warmth on essential areas of the bag.

Likewise, the Stormloft insulation on this sleeping bag provides outstanding compressibility while maintaining excellent loft. This sleeping bag also has an extra wide draft collar which restricts the heated air inside the bag from escaping.

Outdoor Vitals Summit 0°F Sleeping Bag weighs below 3 lbs and is available in three different sizes. With premium selected 800 fill power, this sleeping bag holds high warmth to weight ratio. Durable and lightweight, this bag is made from a 20D Polyester shell with DWR coating and 20D Polyester lining.

Features I Like:

  •    Has Outdoor Vitals Lifetime Warranty
  •    Budget Friendly
  •    Packs Light

5. Western Mountaineering Alpinlite 20

Western MountaineeringAlpinlite 20

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Western Mountaineering Alpinlite 20 is a comfortable, warm and super light sleeping bag which can fit anywhere in your backpack. It features a 3-dimensional full down collar, a full-length YKK zipper, and 5”  loft. The bag is also very spacious on the inside and compresses to almost nothing making it viable to carry anywhere with you in your backpack.

Western Mountaineering Alpinlite 20 measures 8×15 inches and weighs 2 pounds (0.907 kg) when packed. The bag is designed for a temperature of 20 F but you can wear extra clothing for low temperature as the sleeping bag features wider shoulder girth allowing extra layers of clothes. Furthermore, this bag boasts 850-fill down insulation providing a high warmth-to-weight ratio.

Western Mountaineering Alpinlite 20 is mummy shaped with a no catch zipper and a full draft tube running the entire length of the zipper in order to eradicate cold drafts from ruining your sleep. Additionally, the bag comes with a stuff sack and storage bag which helps to keep loft of the down longer.

Features I like:

  •    Lightweight
  •    High warmth-to-weight ratio
  •    Wide shoulder girth
  •    Very Comfortable
  •    Compresses to the size of other gears
  •    Easy to pack

4. Western Mountaineering Ultralite

Western Mountaineering Ultralite sleeping bag

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Western Mountaineering Ultralite is one of the most durable sleeping bags made from top quality materials. It features interlocking draft tubes and a full down collar, full-length YKK zipper and 5” loft. This cozy sleeping bag is made of breathable, water-resistant shell in order to your body and the down from condensation.

Western Mountaineering Ultralite measures 7×13 inches and weighs 1 lb 13 oz (0.82 kg) when packed. This bag is designed for temperatures around 20 F and has slightly narrower shoulder girth which helps to eliminate pockets of dead air for improved warmth retention. Furthermore, the bag is highly compressible and fits in a tiny stuff sack.

Western Mountaineering Ultralite has a very high warmth-to-weight ratio with 850-fill down insulation in order to retain your body’s warmth and keeping you super warm. Moreover, the no catch zipper makes the bag easier to unravel and increases its durability as well.

Features I like:

  •    Ultralight
  •    Very durable
  •    Lightweight
  •    Tiny stuff size
  •    Extremely warm

3. Big Agnes Hitchens UL 20Big Agnes Hitchens UL 20 ultra light sleeping bag

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Big Agnes Hitches UL20 is a traditional mummy shaped lightweight sleeping bag. The bag features a 3-D anti-snag draft tube which prevents loss of heat along the zipper.

The bag is perfect for any environment with its 20-degree rating and 850-fill DownTek insulation.

Big Agnes Hitches UL20 measures 8×17.5 inches and 1 lb 2 oz when packed. Additionally, the bag features Insotect flow which is a flow-optimized insulation system which provides uniform heat distribution to your body. The bag’s oversized draft collars lock the body heat from escaping.

Big Agnes Hitches UL20 also comes with down insulation which features a hydrophobic down treatment in order to repel the outside moisture.

The bag can also be compressed to a pretty small size to fit in your backpack.

Features I like:

  •    Lightweight
  •    High warmth-to-weight ratio
  •    Compresses to small size
  •    Hydrophobic down treatment
  •    Comfortable

2. Therma-Rest Hyperion 20

Therma Rest Hyperion 20

Therma-Rest Hyperion 20 is one of the lightest sleeping bags in its class. The bag is made of 10D Nylon Ripstop with 900 Fill Goose Down insulation.

Additionally, the bag also uses mesh box baffles to maximize thermal efficiency in key areas.

Therma-Rest Hyperion 20 has an ergonomic shape and long zipper providing making the bag comfortable and more human-friendly fit than other bags.

The bag also possesses removable straps which integrate your mattress and sleeping bag to minimize heat loss and keep you secure during your sleep.

Therma-Rest Hyperion 20 measures 6×8 inches and weighs 1 lb 2 oz when packed. The bag is rated at 20 F and compresses to a very small size occupying little space in your backpack.

Furthermore, the bag also features zoned insulation which maximizes warmth and saves weight by intentionally placing fill where you need the most.

Features I like:

  •    Lightweight
  •    Small stuff size
  •    Comfortable
  •    Very warm

1. Western Mountaineering Ultralite

Western Mountaineering Ultralite

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Winner Outfitters Down Sleeping Bag is a soft, comfortable and waterproof sleeping bag.

The bag shell uses 400D Nylon with coating while the bag liner uses 350T polyester making the bag skin-friendly. Additionally, the bag also features two-way slider zippers making it snag-free.

Winner Outfitters Down Sleeping Bag weighs 3.5 pounds and is rated between 20-40 F. The bag also comes with 700+down fill which provides better insulating performance than other similar bags.

The bag is also lightweight and portable thanks to the mummy design and compresses to a small size making it easier to carry on your adventures.

Winner Outfitters Down Sleeping Bag also comes with a front pocket which can be used to store your keys, phones, and other items.

Furthermore, the bag also features draft tubes around the neck and zippers which prevents heat loss from your body and doesn’t let the cold in.

Features I like:

  •    Lightweight
  •    Soft and comfortable
  •    Small stuff size
  •    Warm


According to me, Western Mountaineering Ultralite Sleeping Bag came up to be that ideal sleeping bag which functioned perfectly fine by providing adequate warmth and coziness.

As this sleeping bag from Western Mountaineering is super light and has a temperature rating of 20°F/-7°C, its perfect to carry while traveling and backpacking even in chilliest weather.


As all of us adventurers know that good sleep during the night is supremely important during our journey, we can’t ignore the fact that a suitable sleeping bag only makes your night relaxed and journey joyous.

So, always do thorough research before investing in the sleeping bag before purchasing it.


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